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Despite wide popularity of Microsoft Word many users struggle with creating an esthetic, transparent and meningful document.

In this section it’s not only the design and taking advantage of all the possibilities of the software. It is also the content that matters. With help of management consultants, lawyers and PR specialist we have created a range of sample templates of letters, contracts, business offers.

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Another line of products find in this sections are guides and case studies based on real business experience. Our Customers can benefit from years of experience and advice of business professionals from all over the world.

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Ready made solutions for businessmen, analysts and students

Bussol is a platform for handcrafted content in multitude areas e.g. quantitative, valuation or design. Our team of more than 20 consultants with various experience from all over the world is always ready to provide you personalized solutions which suit your needs best.

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The solutions find in our shop are not enough for you? That’s not the limit of our skills.


Professional solutions for businessmen, analysts, scientists and students

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Firma PE Inwestycje sp. z o.o. dostarcza na terenie całej Polski usługi mycia samochodów osobowych, motocykli i samochodów ciężarowych.

Obecnie spółka jest w trakcie budowy sieci myjni samoobsługowych i automatycznych dla samochodów osobowych oraz myjni automatycznych dla samochodów ciężarowych TIR.

Dążymy do ochrony środowiska naturalnego poprzez wykorzystanie ekologicznych rozwiązań. Mycie samochodu może doprowadzić do zużycia nawet 100 litrów wody. Nasza myjnie będą korzystać z innowacyjnej technologii odzysku wody, co pozwoli na zmniejszenie zużycia wody o ponad 50%.

Naszym celem jest dostarczanie wysokiej jakości usług w konkurencyjnych cenach.

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Satisfied users

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We offer a wide range of business solutions easily accessible through basic office software: Excel templates, Powerpoint presentations and sample Word documents. Find all needed files: means to professionally present your products, control the finances of your business, create a business-plan or necessary legal document.

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All our products have been developed by business professionals and experts who together have more than 1000 years of international experience. With our products you can save time and money: buy an affordable and complete product instead of hiring new employee, external company or developing the needed solution internally.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

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The best professional Excel solutions prepared by our experts.

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Tailor made presentations suiting all Your needs

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Own templates or copywriting solutions especially for You

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